MyShoeDiva.com was birthed from the love and passion of women's footwear by Wendy Smith.  Wendy's passion for women's shoes ignited early on in childhood. Her fascination for stilettos often led her to playing dress up as a child. Wendy launched Joln'a Shoes (named after her big sister) in 2003.  She held shoe parties for friends and church members. The company grew through word of mouth. As the years progressed so did the company and it's concepts, giving birth to MyShoeDiva.com. The world wide web changed things slightly. The parties were and still are a hit but in this world of technology people began requiring a website, not just an informational website but a site where shoes could be purchased. While the shoe parties are still a hit, the company also hosts footwear trunk shows with area boutiques, salons, and event centers. What makes MyShoeDiva.com different is that a portion of proceeds from every shoe sold is donated to a not for profit organization. Every month a new organization is chosen. Want to raise money for your non profit organization? Book a Diva Party and earn cash for your non profit.





Wendy L. Smith

Founder of MyShoeDiva.com